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How do I send a document or parcel abroad?
- Contact us. - Fill an Airway Bill (Consignment note)(refer question 2) - Give us the document or parcel neatly packed.(special envelopes/Boxes can be provided) - For a parcel(also called a Non Document) give four filled invoices giving details of consignment .value etc., - Track your consignment on our website

How do I fill in an Airway Bill?
- Fill in all details of SENDER & Receiver inclusive of telephone numbers, fax numbers, company name, dept name, ext no: etc., - Give description of consignment. - If it is a document write as dox. - If it is a parcel give a brief description of contents (few words). - Mention the type of service required in appropriate box. - Write date/time of handing over of consignment.

What would be the charges for sending a document or parcel abroad?
The rate will depend mainly on whether it is a document or parcel, weight and destination. Please see Tariff and check with your local office for details.